New tonight: Marketplace and The Fifth Estate

Marketplace, CBC – “When The Repairman Knocks”
You’ve got a problem with something in your home, and you need it fixed—fast! But who do you call? And who can you trust? In a special one-hour edition of MARKETPLACE, Tom Harrington tests the skills and ethics of home repair services. Among Canadians’ top complaints: over-charging, suggesting or performing unnecessary work and shoddy quality. We put home service trades-people to the test, in a house wired up with hidden cameras. We watch them while they work on what should be a fairly simple repair job—only to get charged for unnecessary work. And you won’t believe what happens when we call them on it.

The Fifth Estate, CBC – “Fast Break”
the fifth estate’s Bob McKeown reveals the mysterious machinery that feeds pro basketball’s star-making system: shady “prep schools” where aspiring ball players—who pay big bucks to be there—attempt to make the grade for university without setting foot in the classroom. We’ll meet two young Canadians whose parents have put everything on the line—one of them going so far as to sell the house—to help their children chase the dream. And we tell the story of a Toronto man who has become a legend in finding the next young recruits.