New tonight: Mr. D, Little Mosque on the Prairie, Redemption Inc, Canada’s Got Talent

Mr. D, CBC – “Guest Speaker”
Gerry needs to find a guest speaker for Career Day. Dwyer supposedly has a good one, and Gerry wants to outdo him. Robert has a fraternity reunion this weekend, and he wants to avoid catching the sickness that’s going around at all costs.

Little Mosque on the Prairie, CBC – “Finders Weepers”
After Ann and Sarah have a huge fight, Ann’s college frenemy hires Sarah to be her PR person.

Redemption Inc., CBC – Finale “Redemption Inc. Revisited”
Six months have passed since the filming of Redemption Inc. The winner has started a new business, and the other participants have forged ahead with newly-acquired resources and skills. Kevin O’Leary and Brian O’Dea travel across the country to check in.

Canada’s Got Talent, Citytv
The judges stampede to the west to see what Canadian talent Calgary has to offer.