New tonight: That’s So Weird, Genie Awards, Doc Zone

George Stroumboulopoulos HIRES

That’s So Weird, YTV – “That’s So Musical”
The episode where Kayla’s crush on James is finally resolved. Also features favourite characters like the hyper active Lyle, the insane Italian talk show Telebonjourno, the Raptor Kid, over grown child interviewer Daniel Book, and the usual terrible products from Jamco. The show stars Kayla Lorette, James Hartnett, AJ Vaage, Alana Johnston, Hannah Hogan, Joey Lucius and Alex Spencer. Musical sequences directed by show runner Gary Pearson.

32nd Annual Genie Awards, CBC
Honouring and showcasing outstanding achievements in Canadian cinema with hosts Andrea Martin and George Stroumboulopoulos. A star-studded extravaganza featuring a dazzling list of celebrity presenters and superstar musical performers.

Doc Zone, CBC – “Conspiracy Rising”
Princess Diana was murdered by her ex-husband. Sept. 11 was an inside job. Area 51 conceals a massive alien cover-up by the American government. These are just a few of the conspiracy theories DOC ZONE explores in Conspiracy Rising, Thursday, March 8 at 9 p.m. (9:30 NT). Set against the global socio-political landscape, Conspiracy Rising is a timely look at the conspiracists, the kooks and the deeply gullible spirit that lurks inside us all. Why do people believe in conspiracy theories? What’s really at the root of society’s skepticism of the “official story?” And what type of person believes a sinister and secret society is manipulating the government? These are the questions explored in this fascinating and thought-provoking documentary.


One thought on “New tonight: That’s So Weird, Genie Awards, Doc Zone”

  1. CBC Conspiracy Rising featured a handful of high-profile events, and commentary from “experts” trying to explain away why some people don’t believe the official story presented for each event. People skeptical of the official story are labeled “conspiracy theorists”.

    These experts “explained” that uneducated, low-income people were highly susceptible to believing conspiracy theories. They stopped short of adding “ugly and smelly” to the list.

    They went on to give advice … encouraging people to be skeptical of conspiracy theorists.

    The theme of this TV program was:
    – Bad to be skeptical of the official story
    – Good to be skeptical of anyone and anything that contradicts the official government story

    Watching this TV program was much like taking advice from a burglar … don’t call the police if i rob your house, but if anyone else robs your house, you should definitely call the police.

    Realize that the media is dominated by 6 massive corporations that control the vast majority of everything we see, hear and read. Maybe it’s good to use critical thinking and be skeptical of ALL information, not just information that disagrees with what’s being sold to you by the biggest bully.

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