TV, eh?’s Canadian TV Person of the Week: Strombo

Diane names Genie co-host and recently named Young Global Leader George Stroumboulopoulos as TV, eh?’s Canadian TV Person of the Week:


2 thoughts on “TV, eh?’s Canadian TV Person of the Week: Strombo”

  1. Diane,
    Well at least Strombo properly placed as “Entertainment” because when when he tries to do news interviews he is a waste of time.

    But I tripped across this blog by accident and am quite pleased at the specialization. I be adding to my Reader Feed at once. I do wonder about the overwhelming concentration with the CBC though – sort of reminds of “Friends of Canadian Broadcasting”. But keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks. It’s a site for current Canadian-produced TV and right now most of what’s on is on CBC. Global’s got The Firm and, well, some day I’m sure CTV will add some Canadian content. Let me know if you think there are shows I’m missing though.

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