Canada In Development: Silent Partners and False Flag

Canada In Development

returns this week with Silent Partners.  A legal drama  about an unorthodox partnership between an up-and-coming young lawyer and her mentor/beard — a brilliant, South African-born attorney who is unable to practice law for mysterious reasons –  Silent Partners is set in Toronto.  Creator Denis McGrath is scheduled to deliver a first draft pilot and bible to CBC this month, but development terms are still in the works.  “That is development, phase one,” says McGrath, who is working with Cooperheart Productions on this character-based procedural.

McGrath is also working with Lark Productions on False Flag, a team-based action/adventure show about a squad that solves problems through lies, theft and misdirection — doing what governments, corporations and politicians are bound by law not to do — and leaving no trace behind.  False Flag is an hour-long, high-stakes show that McGrath compares to a “smart A-Team.”  It is currently in the first draft of pilot and bible with CTV, to be delivered in the summer of this year.

If you have a project in development with a Canadian broadcaster or production company, let TV, eh? know. See previous posts in this series here.


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