WGC Award nominee Ben Joseph on My Babysitter’s A Vampire’s “Friday Night Frights”

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Leading up to the Writers Guild of Canada awards on April 23, TV, eh? will be posting a series of interviews with some of nominees. Ben Joseph nabbed one of three nominations for My Babysitter’s a Vampire in the Children and Youth category, for the “Friday Night Frights” episode. He shares his interesting back story …

“I was hired as a story editor on the show when it first got started. I wrote the first episode that got approved. I wrote a first draft … and then they fired me. Sure I was peeved but things happen — they just wanted to go in a different direction. Or so I thought. They never really gave me a good reason. Then 8 months later when I saw the actual episode, it was pretty much exactly the way I wrote the first draft. So that made me angry. So getting a nomination for a first draft that got me fired is kind of a nice karmic middle finger. That being said I wish the show well because I know most of the writers and they are quality people and all talented.”

Can you describe the episode, and how it fit into the season?

My episode revolves a ghost gym teacher who returns to the school and wants to finally win a trophy. He wants Ethan (the star of the show) to win it in wrestling – or this ghost coach will haunt him forever!

What about this episode are you particularly proud of?

I’m proud that all those years “researching” professional wrestling has finally paid off! R.I.P. Macho Man.

What does this recognition mean to you?

Getting a nomination is fun and all but it’s not like my scripts are curing cancer. Unless they are. Then I should probably get paid more.

And finally (imagine my best Joan Rivers impression): what will you be wearing to the ceremony?

I like to have fun at these events — I’ve gone as “Thriller” Michael Jackson, Belloq from “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and last year as The Joker from the animated “Batman” series. This year I have something special cooked up but I don’t want to ruin the surprise (or have someone show up wearing the same outfit!).


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  1. I found the episode “Friday Night Frights” to be boring and it kinda sucked. Cle Bennett from Flashpoint was in it as Ghost Coach Ed. But this guy, the My Babysitter’s a Vampire head writing staff did the right thing giving Ben Joseph the boot.

    But however, I LOVE the show. Best role I’ve see both Matthew Knight AND Vanessa Morgan in, in quite a while. But those two wouldn’t work without Atticus Mitchell and Cameron Kennedy playing the show’s loveable goof-balls!

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