The flip side: What CBC didn’t save

Missing from CBC’s renewal list:

  • Already announced as not returning: Being Erica and Little Mosque on the Prairie
  • Michael: Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • InSecurity
  • Battle of the Blades
  • Cover Me Canada
  • The Debaters

24 thoughts on “The flip side: What CBC didn’t save”

  1. The first two were “already announced as not returning” because they had naturally completed their runs. They were not cancelled and have no business beung in this list.

    1. There appeared to be some interest in renewing Being Erica for a 5th season, so some of us got our hopes up.

  2. Not everyone is as wise and well-reasoned as you, Joe, and many were surprised by their non-inclusion in CBC’s saved list. The difference between “cancelled” (a word I didn’t use), “not returning” and “naturally completed their runs” requires someone of your intellect to parse.

  3. Michael: Tuesdays and Thursdays is/was a lovely show with some of the best character development I’ve ever seen in a Canadian series (or any series for that matter). They took a very serious topic that almost no one talks about, and few people understand, and make it heartfelt and beautiful while all the while pretty funny.

    Really hope it being left off the list is just a screw up.

  4. Being Erica and Little Mosque on the Prairie were never in the running for the 2012–2013 season. Your seemingly cutesy but actually snide remarks aside, they remain unrelated to the rest of the list you published.

    1. Relevant to others who didn’t realize they weren’t in the running, and caveated appropriately that they are a special case. Unrelated to you, but I don’t post for your benefit. My remarks were not intended to be cutesy but as snide as yours always are, by the way.

  5. Is it weird that I live in Canada but have never heard of The Debaters?

    1. Not really – it’s primarily a radio program but they aired it on TV last season, slotted into odd places around hockey and with no promotion. You can still keep your passport ;)

      1. There appeared to be some interest in renewing the show for a 5th season, so some of us got our hopes up.

  6. Yes, “Michael’s ratings” did doom the show, but the CBC’s lack of support for it right from the start is what led to those poor ratings. Unlike, say, the marketing it throws behind “Mosque” and is doing for “Mr. D”.

  7. Michael was great, In Security was better this year… and Mr D. is just awful

    I still miss Men with Brooms :(

    Can’t say I like CBC these days.

  8. Diane, dear Joe Clark.

    I don’t know what Joe’s precise psychological problem is. But what I do know is that he regularly, in his comments and his blog postings, attacks many enemies, and approaches any and all topics in the most confrontational and belligerent, belittling way possible. No one is as smart as Joe. You are not the first to be told that you are doing everything wrong.

    Sadly, there are some areas (i.e.: accessibility and captioning) where Joe’s efforts serve a social good. Unfortunately, he honestly doesn’t seem to realize just how and why his entitled and unpleasant manner turns everyone off. From Reddit to numerous Toronto-net meet ups, Joe is legendary for being a crazy crank. It’s unfortunate.

    Joe has also taken this into the real world where he’s stalked social gatherings of writers, inserting himself into conversations with insulting, challenging questions that made people uncomfortable. He seems to have seized upon a stray comment that he was leering and refuted it by pointing out he was, in fact, a gay man. Which misses the forest for the trees. Joe burns to challenge, for whatever reason. It makes people uncomfortable and he seems utterly unable to adjust his behaviour to balance his impulses toward social good with appropriate conduct with individuals. Unfortunate, but there you go.

    The terribly ironic thing is that he takes his nastiness in tandem with an extremely thin skin…he doesn’t allow comments on his own blog and if someone alludes to him being, well…Joe-y..he threatens to sue them. Or — I’m not kidding – he sends whiny letters to their agent. Truth.

    It shouldn’t colour or affect the excellent work you do. You are the perfect tonic for the industry in this country because you are not one who “drinks the Kool Aid.” I have often said we need to consider the viewpoint of the viewer more, and not what Telefilm, or CTF, or the CRTC thinks. And I, and many others, appreciate how that is where your coverage comes from.

    I may not always agree with your choice, but I will trust and venerate your editorial judgement over Joe Clark’s any day of the week, and twice on Sundays.

  9. I don’t have CBC, I have Soapnet…and that is where I came across Being Erica for the first time. I LOVE THIS SHOW. I don’t know what right I have being so so so very disappointed that it isn’t returning, but it’s been a very long time since I took time to watch a program loyally. I don’t know how much right I have being upset that it’s over considering I live in Dallas, TX…but I don’t feel like it “ran it’s natural course” as the first comment says. PLEASE BRING IT BACK. I think not doing a 5th and final season is a huge mistake. Being Erica made ME wish I had CBC.

  10. I also love Being Erica and do not feel it has run it’s natural course. I had read that it would not come back for a 5th season but here i am still hoping and looking around the internet. Glad i am not the only one!

  11. I think that the show has a lot more questions to answer and that a fifth and final season would be great. I don’t know if you guys watched charmed, but in those series they ended with a look in the future and I think the story of being erica would also benifit from an ending like that.

  12. This can not be happening!!! I just came across “Being Erica” two months ago at a very confusing time in my life and yes, I know it is just a TV show but it made life….. easier, it made parts of my life like, relationships, my mothers death, my decisions, make sense… Not proud but, I watched all 4 season already. The way that it ended left SO MUCH up in the air. Erica just became a doctor and her first patient is Dr.Tom’s DAUGHTER! Sam just had a baby, are thing going to work out with her new man? Are things going to work out for Dr.Tom? Is Erica going to see Dr.Tom leaving as a regret and get in contact with him? What would happen if she did? Does Dr.Tom remember? It’s not 2019 yet, is she really going to avoid the bombing and make it to 33? Is Erica going to get married, have kids? Erica has had the same apartment for 4 season, she just moved into a condo, is her relationship going to work out? There is so many unanswered questions I need to know the answers to! I need more, please!

    1. Being Erica was by far one of the best shows I have ever seen and keep going back to. Yes, it is about personal development and it doesn’t hurt to evaluate your life once in a while; if anything it helps you do that. If a show helps people do that in a healthy and positive way whilst being entertaining, I think it goes above and beyond. Still lots to explore so please bring it back…

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