WGC Award nominee Graham Clegg on Murdoch Mysteries’ “Kommando” episode

Leading up to the Writers Guild of Canada awards tonight, TV, eh? has been posting a series of interviews with some of nominees. Graham Clegg was nominated in the Drama category for the “Kommando” episode of Murdoch Mysteries.

Can you describe the episode “Kommando” and how it fit into the Murdoch Mysteries season?

“Kommando” embroils Detective William Murdoch into the increasingly macabre mystery of who is hunting down and killing an elite squad of Canadian soldiers who have recently returned from a training mission in Africa. The episode is somewhat darker in tone from others in Season 4, but it mirrors Murdoch’s demeanour in the arc of the season; he’s just lost the love of his life, the romance is gone, and yet through it all he proves that truth can help heal almost anyone. Well, almost anyone. Actually, hmmm, one or two people. I mean, hey: given the subject matter it ain’t gonna end all sunshine and roses. That would just be wrong. But there is an upside, believe me.

What about this episode are you particularly proud of?

The episode is set in the year 1898, and yet the story elements can be linked to the “upcoming” Boer War, World War 1 and World War 2, up to modern day and beyond. That’s the great thing about writing for Murdoch Mysteries; you’re writing about the past but the stories can often comment about the present and future.

What does this recognition mean to you?

It’s fantastic to be recognized by my peers and be honoured with my 5th WGC nomination. “Kommando” was my first script for Murdoch Mysteries and I’m grateful for the opportunity to have been included in such an innovative story department and production.

And finally (imagine my best Joan Rivers impression): what will you be wearing to the ceremony?

All I can tell you is that I’m not going “kommando.”


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  1. Hi Graham. So great to read about you and your success…
    Jeep’s (new husband of five years!) has a daughter who is interested in film etc. She graduated from Colorado College and is thinking of grad school.
    Particularly one in Vancouver and one in Boston (Emerson).
    I suggested she go on line. So you may hear from her.
    Hope to see your mother and you ere too long.
    love, Derry

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