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image002Canada Sings, Global – Season premiere

Host Matte Babel and judges Vanilla Ice and Jann Arden return this season and joining them is creative director and choreographer to the stars, Laurieann Gibson. This one-hour original series challenges Canadians to form glee clubs with their co-workers and compete in a head-to-head battle against another workplace glee team for their charity of choice. This week, Ontario Provincial Police “OPP Project Glee” competes against West Jet “Cabin Pressure.”

buy.o.logic, OWN Canada – “Gumballs Galore”
Isla and Dr. Dave give cold sores the kiss off as they examine its various causes and treatments. We help a woman suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome find a way to enjoy gluten-free bread. We have our eyes on an easy test for anemia. Our flash mob testers get their hands dirty to find the best kitchen cleansers. And why our shopping experts Anna and Kristina say Holy Basil is the answer to their prayers.