Rookie Blue returns

From Jonathan Dekel of Postmedia News:

  • Rookie Blue is back on the beat
    A man with a giant Mohawk hairdo is gesturing wildly at a uniformed police officer. Though it looks as if the scene could escalate to G-20 proportions, this one plays out differently – ending with the officer walking away, looking deep in thought, while the towering punk (also known as director Steve DiMarco) takes a seat behind a monitor and yells “action!” Read more.

From Denette Wilford of Huffington Post Canada:

  • ‘Rookie Blue’ Returns, And Yes, I’m Happy About It
    I’ve loved “Rookie Blue” since it debuted two years ago. I have a real fondness for the stars, who I’ve spoken to on numerous occasions (whether it’s on location or in a fancy hotel suite), but there’s something about the series that makes me proud. Sure, it’s a Canadian/U.S. co-production but the series’ references to all things Toronto — from the shots of TTC streetcars or landmarks, or its mentions of familiar streets — gives us Canadians something to look forward to. Ultimately, what I like best is that the police drama has a real knack for being funny and bumbling, which provides a nice break from its more serious storylines. Read more.
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