Sanctuary not “economically viable”

From Marsha Lederman of the Globe and Mail:

  • It’s over for Canadian sci-fi series Sanctuary
    While the official cancellation was announced this week (with word from the U.S. cable network Syfy that it would not pick up a fifth season), it seems that may have been a formality. The series was already done, according to Kindler, because of a decision by Beedie Development Group: The Burnaby-based real-estate developer, which had bankrolled the Canadian show (effectively operating as its studio), decided not to continue with the venture. Read more.

One thought on “Sanctuary not “economically viable””

  1. On October 8th, 2012, it was announced that Sanctuary was heading to syndication. Why has there been no further news about this recently? Is it still happening? Will it be available in the US? Thanks.

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