New tonight: Get Stuffed, Murdoch Mysteries


Get Stuffed, OLN – “King Trapper”
Competitors Ryan “6 Pack” Lapadat and Joshua Rice head to a remote northern community in Manitoba to put their outdoorsman skills to the test. Can Josh’s natural athleticism be any match for the powerful 6 Pack? Who will be the bigger man and who will face the outrageous punishment meal?

Murdoch Mysteries, Citytv – “Who Killed the Electric Carriage?”
When the inventor of a nickel and cadmium battery is murdered, Detective Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) suspects the killer might be eccentric entrepreneur James Pendrick (Peter Stebbings, Immortals). As the creator of an astonishing bullet-shaped vehicle that runs on electric power, Pendrick stages a motor race, giving Murdoch insight into this strange new world of modern innovation – and murder.

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