5 thoughts on “Flashpoint final season premieres September 27”

  1. I hate that this is the final season! This is the best show on tv! Me & my family will miss watching the team!

  2. Will miss flashpoint is very good. Show exciting shows. How the real world is out there especially the weirdos and. The bad guys also the people who crack over things in there lives.this show reminds me of the action the police here by me. Have from day today and night to night.they need to get. Rid of the bad shows and keep flashpoint .flashpoint is better than blue bloods .blue. Bloods is okay but out. F the two shows flashpoint is 100 percent better than blue bloods.

    1. I will miss Flashpoint to especially the character Sam who is very good looking. It is much better then blue bloods for sure. They do need to get rid of the bad shows and keep flashpoint for good if possible.

  3. What a shame that Flashpoint will be showing its FINAL SEASON. It is a great show, with, what I had understood… to be a growing audience. With it being a Canadian show…. we are very proud of how well it has been produced.
    Every episode is so entertaining…

  4. Maybe you have a typo. Maybe that is what the update to the press release was. Season 5 (now) is to start on 20 September. People not tuning in until the 27th will miss an episode.

    Denise, i wouldn’t call it a growing audience. On any given episode in any season there will be somewhere between 1.1 and 1.9 million viewers. It really can very greatly in any two consecutive episodes. If you were to rank the seasons by average total viewers it would be 3, 4, 2, 1 with 5 obviously to be determined.

    I wish they had kept it at 18 episodes. Cutting the order to 13 and then announcing that will be all of it was a rather mean double blow. To be honest it was quite a turn-off.

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