TV, eh? podcast episode 101 – Dr. Sexy Werewolf Border Guard


Anthony and Diane are back with a smattering of Canadian TV news and an interview with writer/producer Mark De Angelis of Bill and Sons Towing.

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8 thoughts on “TV, eh? podcast episode 101 – Dr. Sexy Werewolf Border Guard”

  1. Hello Diane, big fan of site/podcast. I absolutely CRAVE Canadian content and it really bothers me that our culture is so complacent with catering our own shows to the larger market down south by setting them in American cities. With regards to the upcoming show Orphan Black and Rogue, I’ve been looking everywhere to find out where exactly they will be taking place. I’m hoping that they will be in either Toronto or Vancouver the way Continuum had the foresight to do. The press releases always say where they are filming but not where they are set, I need your mad skills to help me get these answers. Cheers

    1. My mad skills aren’t so mad … nothing seems to state where they’re set, and it’s very possible they’ll be set in an unnamed generic city. We might have to wait and see.

  2. On another note, there really isn’t a site like yours out there for Canadian movies. Ever given any thought to adding a movies section? I know I would love it.

    p.s. werewolves and vampires are lame (I hate the trend now-a-days) although a Dr. sexy werewolf border guard that solves crime with a robot side kick and falls in love with Anne of green gables by traveling through a third border of time, would make for a pretty interesting show. You could call it Portal Poodle or something….just a thought.

    1. Love it – something for everyone. How could that not be a ratings winner?

      I don’t think I have the capacity to expand the site into movies, but some day a site that includes digital content and movies would be ideal. I just don’t think it would be me doing it :) Have you checked out ? It’s probably the closest to what you’re asking for.

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