Vancouver Film School offers $2500 screenwriting scholarship

The Vancouver Film School is offering the $2500 Kat Montagu Screenwriting Scholarship to a new student in the Writing for Film & Television program. The 2013 scholarship is open to all incoming students registered in the Writing for Film & Television Class 42 (starting January 2, 2013), provided they have not previously taken any professional program at Vancouver Film School, have an undergraduate or graduate degree, and can provide a reference letter and one page of script. The deadline to apply for the Kat Montagu Scholarship is 16:30 PDT October 15, 2012. Download the application form or speak to an advisor today to learn more.


3 thoughts on “Vancouver Film School offers $2500 screenwriting scholarship”

  1. Hi Onyinye, There is no scholarship exam. Just fill out the application form and submit your one page of script by the October 15th deadline. Best of luck. Kat

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