TV, eh? podcast episode 102 – “You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello”


Anthony and Diane talk about shows coming, shows leaving, and shows we made up.

Plus, take Anthony’s challenge and bring joy to our lives by writing a short, creative “Next on … Dr. Sexy Werewolf Border Guard” and emailing it to him to record.

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4 thoughts on “TV, eh? podcast episode 102 – “You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello””

  1. HAH! Loved the shout out Diane. Just for that I will write up some episodes AND I will even do some illustrations for you guys since I am a graphic/sound designer (I like the intro song haha). I might change the characters from what Anthony had proposed though just because I had already been thinking about it since last week. I’m going to make it super Canadian and riff on our television history. If you have ever seen the tv show called Garth Marenghi’s darkplace (Anthony would probably know and love this show already) then you will know how I will be approaching it. I’ll send it your way when I have something juicy. Cheers

  2. Actually, an idea for the illustrations could be to draw them up comic book style once people (or you guys) have voted on the latest and best mini-scripts to make it into continuity. Then by Christmas you’d have a comic book (or web style comic thingy mabob). What do you think?

  3. I think, as with all podcasts I do, that crowdsourcing is always the best option. If listeners want to contribute, revamp, re-imagine, then it’s fine by me. The more input the better!

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