New tonight: Marketplace season premiere

Marketplace, CBC – “Lousy Labels: Home Edition”
Going green is big business, but should Canadians pay the price? The season premiere of MARKETPLACE uncovers surprising truths about popular “green” household products that aren’t as eco-conscious – or as safe – as their labels proclaim. Are Canadian homes as safe and healthy as we think? In Lousy Labels: Home Edition, we reveal 10 major brands that claim to put the environment first, yet prove to be less than green when MARKETPLACE puts them to the test. From cleaning products to bedding to kitchenware, manufacturers pepper their packaging with buzz words like “non-toxic,” “biodegradable” and “natural ingredients” – but are these products as kind to the environment as they claim? Co-host Erica Johnson reveals which products deserve a MARKETPLACE “lousy label,” with help and insight from environmental journalist and author Adria Vasil (NOW magazine, Ecoholic).