Get Stuffed Debuts on CityTV Tomorrow at 9PM

Get Stuffed, Canada’s newest food challenge/adventure series will now be coming at you from double directions.  The action packed lifestyle series which airs weekly on OLN will be debuting on CityTV tomorrow, kicking things off with a mini-marathon of four food-filled episodes.  The Vancouver-based show features four hosts, two of who face off weekly in a regional specialty challenge.  The loser must eat one of three punishment meals, sussed out by the hosts from the local cuisine legends from the surrounding region.

This Tuesday night Kalyn Miles takes on Joshua Rice at the Redneck games in New Dublin, Georgia.  The games began in 1995 as an ulterior form of entertainment to the Georgia Olypmic Games.  Despite the unruly appearance of the games, they are seen as a way for fun loving ‘good ole folk’ to share in some back woods challenges and southern hospitality.  Kalyn and Josh face off in three events:  Redneck horseshoes (AKA toilet seat toss), Bobbing for pigs feet, and the epic finale: Mud Pit Belly Flop.  The loser’s punishment?  One of three epic meals from the plethora of deep fried and weighty goodness Georgia’s cuisine has to offer.   The motto?  “If it ain’t fried, it ain’t good to me.”

You can check out the mini-marathon of Get Stuffed this Sunday on CityTV starting at 9PM ET/PT.  The all new Redneck Games episode airs this Tuesday at 9PM ET/6PM PST on OLN.