New tonight: Over The Rainbow, Heartland, Mercer on Mansbridge

Over The Rainbow, CBC – Series premiere
Over The Rainbow will kick-off with a one-hour documentary that follows the cross-Canada audition process down to the choice of 10 potential Dorothys by the judges and Andrew Lloyd Webber himself. Followed by Performance #1, a live show, where 10 Dorothys compete, singing a mixture of Broadway and pop songs.

Heartland, CBC - Running Against the Wind
Amy is bursting to ask Ty about the engagement ring, and why he hasn’t proposed yet, but a couple of “runaways” throw everything at Heartland into turmoil.

Mansbridge One on One, CBC – Guest Rick Mercer
There’s not much he hasn’t done to get a laugh. But he’s not just funny, his humour often has a message and it can be biting. Rick Mercer begins yet another season of his television show this week, but he also has a new book celebrating his famous rants. Lots to talk about with our guest this week, Rick Mercer.