New tonight: The Fifth Estate, Marketplace

The Fifth Estate, CBC – “Kingston Pen: Secrets And Lies”

As Canada’s most infamous penitentiary closes its gates, Linden MacIntyre goes inside to look back at some of its most famous inmates, convicts who criminal careers became intertwined with the fifth estate journalists who told their stories.

Marketplace, CBC – “When the Repairman Knocks”
Incompetence and inexperience: traits all too common in the repairman business, as revealed in the latest edition of MARKETPLACE’s When the Repairman Knocks, Friday, Sept. 21 at 8 p.m. (8:30 NT) on CBC-TV. MARKETPLACE is back at it again, wiring up homes with hidden cameras, rigging an everyday and simple house problem, and inviting repairmen in to diagnose it. This isn’t rocket science. Yet too many repairmen fail the test. This week is all about backyard pools and common fixes. In the pool business, any type of handyman can show up: some qualified, some not. Can Canadians trust them to do it right? Is your money well spent? When it comes to looking for skilled people to fix a pool, MARKETPLACE didn’t find much depth.


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  1. It’s Saturday night, September 22nd, just after 9 p.m. and I’ve just finished watching the segment of The Fifth Estate by Linden McIntyre on the Kingston Pen – Secrets and Lies.

    I came to Canada from Ireland in December of 1952 and at that time I remember hearing about “The Boyd Gang” one of the reasons being my brother, who was 23 at the time was a new Police Officers in Toronto.

    The second story about Ty Conn I don’t remember hearing anything about this case, but watching it on TV tonight it truly did sadden me because of the abuse by his adoptive parents. He was treated so very badly – nobody deserves such treatment – and while watching it I thought I’m sure that sort of abuse is still going on even today (take for instance the case of 2-year old Baby M in Edmonton who just died this past week because of physical abuse and starvation.

    The third story about Guy Paul Morin I remember very well. Even after all these years (30) the investigators and police are still hoping to find the real killer of this little girl Christine Jessup.

    As much as this program was exceptionally well done, it truly did upset and disturb my emotions.

    I enjoy watching The Fifth Estate.

    Dorothy in Toronto

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