New tonight: Haven, Marketplace, The Fifth Estate

Haven, Showcase – Season premiere

The scary mysteries and odd eccentricities of this small coastal town will unfold when Haven returns for its third season Friday, September 28 at 9 p.m. ET exclusively on Showcase. In the season 3 premiere, Haven picks up immediately following the events of the gripping season two finale with Audrey (Emily Rose) having been brutally kidnapped; Nathan (Lucas Bryant) warned against pursuing a romantic relationship with Audrey; and Duke (Eric Balfour) seemingly engaged in a fight to the death with Nathan after he discovers his family lineage is to kill Haven citizens with Troubles. Haven, based on the novella The Colorado Kid from renowned author Stephen King, follows former FBI agent Audrey Parker, who becomes a cop in the small town of Haven, Maine, and soon discovers the town’s many secrets, which also hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of her lost past. This season’s guest stars include Iain Glen (Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey), Bree Williamson (Gossip Girl, One Life to Live), Laura Vandervoort (Smallville, White Collar), Edge (WWE Superstar), Dorian Missick (Southland, The Cape), Kate Kelton (Harold and Kumar, American Psycho 2), Nolan North (Uncharted video game series, Pretty Little Liars) and Claudia Black (Uncharted video game series, Farscape).

Marketplace, CBC – “Fighting For Fido”
Thousands of dogs are sick or dying across North America and it’s been going on for years. No one can say what, exactly, made the dogs sick, but owners say their dogs got sick after they were fed a popular chicken jerky treat. MARKETPLACE is on the trail of this mysterious illness and putting these treats to the test: Fighting for Fido airs Friday, Sept. 28 at 8 p.m. (8:30 NT) on CBC-TV. Are big companies putting profits before pets? In this new MARKETPLACE investigation, Tom Harrington looks into the unregulated business of pet food—a business worth 50 billion dollars a year—and uncovers some disturbing details that Canadian pet owners need to know. Warnings and advisories from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, along with the American Veterinary Association, and the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association warn consumers and vets about the treats, but so far, Canadian government regulators remain silent, and there have been no recalls on either side of the border. With some of the biggest pet food companies marketing these made-in-China treats, who fights for Fido when things go wrong? MARKETPLACE is Canada’s consumer watchdog, and is taking some hard evidence to the lab, hoping to crack the case.

The Fifth Estate, CBC – “Runaway Fighter”
It could yet prove to be the most expensive defense purchase in Canadian history–$25 billion and counting. The military promises it’s the best fighter jet available, but some critics are saying it’s a turkey hatched from a bad idea: a do-it-all plane that might not do anything well-at-all. Was Canada pressured to buy the F-35 fighter jet? Will the jet ever deliver on its promise of being the top gun in the sky? Did the government cover up the true costs to win an election? With secret documents and exclusive interviews with Air Force insiders, Gillian Findlay pieces together the troubling story of the F-35. From Lockheed Martin’s first prototype and bungled development process to Canada’s decision to buy the fighter jet without an open competition, Runaway Fighter raises serious questions about a procurement system seemingly run amok and a jetfighter critics say will never live up to its spin.


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