Ratings: Canadian shows, week of September 23

From Bill Brioux (via Twitter):

  • Overnight ratings, week of September 23:
    Flashpoint – 1.574 million
    Heartland – 830,000
    LA Complex — 9,000 and 11,000
    Murdoch Mysteries – 682,000
    Over The Rainbow (Sunday) – 486,000
    Over The Rainbow (Monday) – 381,000
    Rick Mercer Report – 908,000
    22 Minutes – 731,000
    Who Do You Think You Are – 257,000

One thought on “Ratings: Canadian shows, week of September 23”

  1. I’m sorry but I’m refusing to believe the ratings were 9000 and 11 000 for The LA Complex! How is that even possible???

    I know that had a lot of competition last Monday with all the returning shows but those numbers are depressing. I’m still praying for a miracle that this show somehow makes it back for a third season and picks up in ratings. It’s my favourite new show of this year!

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