New tonight: Marketplace, The Fifth Estate

Marketplace, CBC – “Money Where Your Mouth Is”
When it’s time to get our teeth checked, most of us trust our dentist to determine the treatment plan and how much it will cost. They are the experts, aren’t they? In this week’s episode, MARKETPLACE’s Erica Johnson puts dentists to the test: how does one know for sure what work needs to be done and how much it should cost? We reveal that dentists themselves can’t even agree. In Money Where Your Mouth Is, MARKETPLACE sends a researcher with hidden cameras to 20 different dentists in Toronto and Vancouver. We want to know: what treatments are recommended for her pearly whites? We discover a wide variation in treatments and costs. It seems dentistry is not that black and white after all—there are various shades of grey. MARKETPLACE wants to know why—to get answers for the millions of Canadians who visit their dentist every year.

The Fifth Estate, CBC – “Whistleblowers: Moment of Truth”
They have the courage to stand up and speak out when no one else dares, yet the popular perception of whistleblowers is they are doomed to be victims of reprisals. But when the fifth estate caught up with some of its more memorable whistleblowers, we found out their lives can take twists and turns no one ever expected. These cases offer an ironic insight into what was supposed to be a new era of transparency and integrity in Canada. To date, not a single case has been prosecuted under Canada’s Public Servant Disclosure Protection Act, and the Public Sector Integrity Commissioner was dismissed in disgrace.