New tonight: Over The Rainbow, Who Do You Think You Are, Murdoch Mysteries


Over the Rainbow Results, CBC – “Results #6”
The bottom two competitors are announced and will face off to determine who will be eliminated from the show by the judges.

Who Do You Think You Are?, CBC – “Measha Brueggergosman”
Opera star Measha Brueggergosman takes a huge leap back in time to uncover her African origins by using DNA testing.

Murdoch Mysteries, CBC – “War on Terror”
While investigating an explosion, Detective Murdoch infiltrates an anarchist group lead by American labour organizer Emma Goldman.


8 thoughts on “New tonight: Over The Rainbow, Who Do You Think You Are, Murdoch Mysteries”

  1. Really? You are calling 2/3 of CBC’s schedule NEW just because they do? WDYTYA and MM are both simply new edits of previously broadcast shows. Then again CBC disavows all assertions that Murdoch Mysteries was on Citytv this past summer and they seem to be pretending they didn’t broadcast Who Do You Think You Are? five years ago. I just never expected you would regurgitate their BS.

    And with CBC having shut down their analogue transmitters Citytv is more of a national network than CBC is these days.

  2. In your announcement about no more coverage of Murdoch Mysteries you mention “the value of criticism and his position that he’s protecting his wife’s work”. I criticise your towing the deceptive corporate line and you protect your work with a dismissive and insulting comment about my life. You did to me what Iden Ford did to you.

    If there were ANY new people featured in WDYTYA? i could see why CBC might try to get away with calling all of them new but essentially they are all repeats, a ‘re-issued DVD with new cover art’.

    I know you frequently quote press releases but i thought you at least were concerned about their accuracy. Look at your MM posts from 9 & 10 May for the reason why i am surprised you are following CBC’s lead.

  3. CBC didn’t claim they were new. What press release are you referring to? I often promote shows that have moved to a new network with greater viewership (you can have your own opinion but not your own facts – CBC has a far greater reach than Citytv), or that I didn’t cover in their first run because at the time they didn’t fit the mandate of this site (WDYTYA). If you knew the whole Murdoch saga you’d know I wasn’t covering it during its final season on Citytv but because CBC picking it up was the happiest news in Canadian TV for a while, and because of assurances the harassment would stop, I chose to cover it again.

    And finally, you are absolutely free to not read my site – I’m not sending you abusive emails, and you do have a low threshold for outrage – so any outrage you have over my similarities to Iden are ridiculous. If you choose to keep haranguing me for something so inconsequential on my own site I’ll block you too and you can be outraged about that.

  4. We’re just a little detective show, trying to find an audience. Season six in January is all new episodes. The numbers on CBC have been the best for Murdoch ever (even though they are re-runs) so CBC’s “reach” in undoubtedly greater.

  5. Quite frankly, I don’t understand why this is such a big deal. Die-hard followers of Murdoch will know these aren’t really “new” episodes and are free to ignore their being described as such in the press release. For those who are not die-hard followers of the show, it doesn’t really matter if the press releases isn’t technically accurate (if they haven’t seen these episodes, the episodes are “new” to them).

  6. I also just want to clarify again that CBC is being blamed here for something I choose to do. CBC has never claimed these are brand-new episodes so this seems like a weird excuse for CBC-bashing. This post isn’t a press release – I compile the list of Canadian shows airing each night from multiple sources under the “New tonight” banner, and it’s the most time-consuming thing I do on this site. I don’t include one-off reruns in the midst of a season, but if a show is being run in its entirety on a larger network I do include them as long as I can find the information. The more usual case of that is sibling networks, as when a show moves from Showcase to Global, or from Comedy to CTV. In addition, for example, many Showcase shows actually premiere first on obscure sister networks such as Mystery where I don’t even get the episode information and don’t bother to dig into whether a show is actually premiering on an obscure network first.

    This is such a non-issue I’m tempted to list the things I do that should cause more outrage, like misreading a CBC media release so that I was posting Titanic: Blood and Steel as if it were a Canadian co-production, which it isn’t, for weeks. Or all the co-productions I don’t post about, sometimes because I don’t know there’s Canadian involvement, sometimes because I can’t be bothered. Or that I only include an episode in a “New tonight” post if I can easily find the description, except in the case of a show I really like, such as Call Me Fitz, where at least I know that it’s a new episode so I put “no episode description available.” Or that Anthony and I often digress into American shows on the podcast. Or that I didn’t used to post about lifestyle and documentary series, or one-off shows like award shows or TV movies, but now I do, but even when I didn’t I would occasionally if someone asked me to nicely. Or that I get really cranky when someone thinks they have a right to dictate what I do on my website.

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