New tonight: Strip the City, Marketplace, The Fifth Estate, 16×9


Strip The City, Discovery World – “Earthquake City – San Francisco”
San Francisco is standing on the brink of disaster on top of one of the world’s most infamous earthquake hotspots – the San Andreas Fault. How does the city’s buildings and infrastructure survive the onslaught of a destructive earthquake? Engineers and geologists reveal the secrets inside San Francisco’s skyscrapers, what protects the city from raging fires, and what keep residents safe during the deadliest quakes.

Marketplace, CBC – “Pump Fiction”
We put claims of premium gasoline to the test.

The Fifth Estate, CBC – “Lucky 7”
Linden MacIntyre has the exclusive story of seven men who finally struck it rich against all odds in the latest chapter of fifth estate’s lottery rip-off investigation.

16×9, Global
Correspondent Sophie Lui looks at the disturbing growth of cyber-harassment against women in video game culture. Often written off as just “part of the game,” this 16×9 expose uncovers horrific abuse and bullying that happens to many women – who make up 47% of all gamers – when they venture into the male dominated on-line gaming world.