New tonight: Mr. Young, Rick Mercer Report, 22 Minutes, Big Decision, Match Game

Mr Young, YTV – season 3 premiere

Adam’s robotic creation, A.R.T.H.U.R returns to Finnegan with his new robot family. Faced with babysitting his ‘grandkids,’ Adam enlists Echo’s help in the hopes that he can impress her with his parenting skills. Unfortunately for both of them, dealing with kids isn’t as easy as it looks.

Rick Mercer Report, CBC
Rick is student-for-a-day at the Coast Guard College in Sydney, Nova Scotia. He practices navigating a fast rescue craft and life-saving techniques on the water. He also turns up in London, ON and goes to bat in the Women’s Intercollegiate Fast Pitch Championship.

22 Minutes, CBC
America Votes, Canada Watches – Don Cherry (Mark Critch) gives 110% with his game-day commentary of Republicans versus Democrats; an all-star 22 Minutes political panel, featuring Mrs Enid, Housewive’s Agnes and Raj Binder, predicts the results; and, U.S.-Canada relations expert Janet Tucker takes a look back over the fence with a frank America-on-top ‘comparison’ of the two countries.

The Big Decision, CBC
In a region home to one of the worst unemployment rates in the country, Windsor-based software company Radix Controls has been devastated by the recession. Once an innovative industry leader they now desperately need Jim’s investment to keep their wheels spinning, before economic realities put the brakes on their business. Later, Jim pays a visit to St. Thomas, Ontario to see a piglet-birthing farm that was ravaged by a 2007 fire. A rebuild that took all the funds available to the owner, New Future Farms desperately needs more cash to get back up and running.

Match Game, Comedy
Those black sharpies will never be the same after Chris Gorham (UGLY BETTY), Laurie Elliott (VIDEO ON TRIAL), Jonathan Goldstein (NPR), and Meaghan Rath (BEING HUMAN) attempt to fill in the blanks.