New tonight: Strip The City, Marketplace, The Fifth Estate

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Strip The City, Discovery World – “Desert City – Dubai”
Dubai is a gleaming metropolis, grown from the desert sands in just a few decades – yet it sits in one of the driest places on Earth, is pummelled by raging sandstorms, and its skyscrapers are resting on top of sand. This episode looks beneath the city’s skin to discover what keeps Dubai’s buildings standing, protects them from desert storms, and keeps residents alive in the searing heat.

Marketplace, CBC – The Dirt on Hotels (Part 1)
Marketplace puts six of the largest hotel chains in Canada to the test–with shocking results.

The Fifth Estate, CBC – “The Elephant in the Room”
The controversy over what to do with older elephants when they are ready to retire has sparked an elephant war in Toronto and Edmonton, which may spell the beginning of the end for the world’s zoos.