New tonight: Bachelor Canada, Avoiding Apocalypse

bcan7wta-0067-harcottThe Bachelor Canada, Citytv – “Women Tell All”

The season’s most memorable bachelorettes reunite for the first time to dish on Brad – and each other – as they recap the drama from the first-ever season of The Bachelor Canada. Plus, hear their thoughts on the final two bachelorettes – Bianka and Whitney – as the countdown begins to the highly anticipated conclusion.

Avoiding Apocalypse, Discovery Science – “A Few More Degrees…”
The Earth is heating up and this climate change will have cataclysmic consequences for humanity – namely the desertification of agricultural lands and submersion of some of the planet’s most populated zones. This episode explores the best scientific solutions to rescue the climate and humanity, including carbon capture, artificial trees, production of Earth-cooling clouds, artificial volcanoes, mirrors in space, and giant dikes to hold back rising water.