New tonight: Strip The City, Marketplace, The Fifth Estate, Match Game

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Strip the City, Discovery World – “Harbor City – Sydney”
Sydney is home to a fifth Australia’s entire population and is trapped between the Blue Mountains and the ocean, sitting on the driest inhabited continent on Earth, and surrounding one the planet’s largest natural harbours. This episode uncovers what is inside Sydney’s buildings and beneath its streets that allow the city to function – from the concealed contours of the harbour that allow super-sized ships to sail into the heart of the city, to the underground caverns that store its water.

Marketplace, CBC – “The Dirt on Hotels, Part 2”
We test how well chains are maintaining their hotels. After revealing just how unsanitary Canadian hotels are, discover what the companies could be doing to clean up their act and protect their guests, and what you can do to protect yourself.

The Fifth Estate, CBC – “Left For Dead”
In Mark Kelley’s first episode with the fifth estate, one of the greatest survival stories never told. Two friends depart on the adventure of a lifetime—Ohio to Sweden, in a small plane. But that adventure would soon become a struggle between life and death. The engines quit, and the plane crashes into the icy waters of Canada’s North, just south of Baffin Island, on a cold, dark night. Rescue planes and a helicopter circle overhead, but find nothing, no trace of the two men clinging for life on drifting sea ice, deep in polar bear hunting grounds.

Match Game, Comedy
Join the party with special guests D. L. Hughley (D.L. HUGHLEY BREAKS THE NEWS), Steve Smith (THE RED GREEN SHOW), Sabrina Jalees (COMEDY NOW!), and Laura Cilevitz (VIDEO ON TRIAL).