New tonight: W5 – “Canine Comrades” and “The Prophet”


W5, CTV – “Canine Comrades” and “The Prophet”
Canadian soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder are getting help from 37 psychiatric service dogs in a program developed in Manitoba by George Leonard, a certified dog trainer who is part of an aboriginal group that has trained more than 350 service dogs of all kinds. And Victor Malarek uncovers a polygamous sect in Ontario and reveals disturbing stories of life inside: abuse, psychological torture, church ‘wives’ — all to please “The Prophet.”


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  1. I urge all canadians to write Mr McKay and your local MP to support this program- our troops deserve it!

  2. the most amazing story about our Canine Commrades. We need to get this program pushed forward. As a CF member its an amazing program and it need our support.

  3. I think these heroes deserve more than a bit of money and medication…they deserve their lives back (as much as possible).shame on the Dept.of National Defence and Veteran’s Affairs for their lack of compassion…I want my tax dollars to go towards this program NOT making drug companies richer…and thank you to all the volunteers who train these service dogs and the Canadian Legion for supporting them as well as all those who have donated to the cause…let our Minister of Defence Peter McKay know that you are not happy about this situation and that we want our soldiers to receive the care and respect that they deserve….

    1. KUDOS to all you people who want action regarding service dogs for our military and other people who suffer from mental illness. I will personally wirte peter mckay and try to convince him to act on this very crucial commodity. Medication can only mask the real hurt that soldiers with PTSD are going thru…a trained service dog will do so much more for the pain and suffering that goes with mental illness… pu-leeze,. Spread the word..

      1. I just saw the program tonight, June 22, 2013. Is the government still refusing to pay vet costs for the dogs of these vets? It’s totally unacceptable that they will pay for “drugs” but not vet bills. This MUST change if it has not already. If it has not, I suggest you start a petition. I will be one of the first to sign it. Please update me. Thank you. I am anti-drug treatment and pro dog therapy!

  4. i am willing to support canine companions but am not an organizational type so if there is already a site let me know

    1. Dog companions should also be funded by the canadian govt for mentally challenged adults who suffer from chronic anxiety, panic attacks, schophrenia, bio polar disorders ,, the list goes on.. Mcguinty will hear from me.. A strong supporter.

  5. who would a fund raising club contact for info. re; raising funds to assist service men and women with the cost of caring for their Caine Comrade?

    1. Yeah, I agree service dogs is the ‘way to go’ to treat PTSD,, however, what about the rest of the population who suffer, chronic anxiety, schitzphrenia, panic attacks, bi-polar, etc. they also must be considered when funds can be acquired for service dogs,, instead of medicating people into oblivion,,, the canadian government should be ashamed of themselves, not supporting financially the training of service dogs, but instead, supporting medication to squash the serverity of mental illnesses….es…es……

    2. I’m looking into getting help for the soliders dogs! I’ve in the pass help out with raising things for people that have lived in country’s that the war has left with nothing.I’m working at this right now and well post the info soon,but I’m away till Dec 5,2012 Thank you :)

  6. Wow what a show. I fully support this program. I think our veterns should get the best help ever. Having had dogs I know first hand what they can do for a person who is in distress. Come government lets help this people!!!

    1. dogs are soooo intelligent… lets ALL make an effort ,,to adopt this worthwhile cause… Contact your local member of parliament and voice your affirmatives…. Only good will come if we ALL act now…. hooray for dogs…

  7. The government needs to take a look at what is really working for the soldiers and drugs are not always the answers to everything in life. Dogs have been helping sense out cancers in people and I believe they are helping the soldiers. The dogs are helping them deal with the stress that have come to these soldiers from severing for our country. Please give these Man and Woman back there lives,by helping them move forward. Thank you to all soldiers!

  8. I just saw the W5 episode concerning the dogs being trained to be companions for members of the military with PTSD. I heard “Calgary” being mentioned. I know the dogs are not being trained here but, I live in Calgary, and I have been grooming dogs for 25 years, and am working towards establishing my own small, quiet grooming shop in central Calgary. I have been looking for information online for a while to see if I could be of any help in this matter. No luck so far. I would be happy to help with any grooming requirements of these dogs – such as nail trimming, baths and de-shedding. I haven’t found any government organization that could help me get in touch with any people in my area, so that is why I am trying this…

  9. Yes, what a great informative show .Our government should support this dog training for our vets suffering PTSD. A better way than just drugs, should be supported. I will contact our MP about this.

    1. Yes – it seems the bean counters have determined that it is cheaper in THE SHORT RUN (it’s always the short run isn’t it?) to pay for drugs – that don’t really work – that have side effects – that make them into zombies, instead of a drug free method – that actually works- that doesn’t make them into zombies – that helps bring them back into a positive life. The dog method seems to be expensive but when you think of all the collateral damage to the wives or husbands and children and other family members – it’s not that much. I guess I am being pessimistic here, but contacting some politician may be a waste of time. They are all trying to move up the ranks, to achieve a higher level, to satisfy their own egos. If politicians were doing what they were supposed to be doing – ie: taking care of the people, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, because there wouldn’t be a TV show about this travesty in the first place. Hope you all have good luck with the MP thing. Me – I am still offering to help people myself, even though I am near broke at the moment, by grooming dogs either for free or for donations, to actually be of real immediate help to these people. I heard somewhere in my travels that if you are having seemingly insurmountable problems, that is that time that you should get out there and help others instead of complaining. So, I hope that someone will take me up on my offer…I’ve never had such a hard time giving stuff away in my life…LOL!

  10. Do you have an address for Mr. George Leonard, that a person could contact him in order to help in some form. I would like to be able to get that. Please pass this on to me and the public in case others would also like to help out as well. Thanks for your attention.

  11. How do we donate to this cause…my organization is always looking for a reason for a special event…we may not have much…but I’d love to donate all I have to this…

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