New tonight: Bachelor Canada, Avoiding Apocalypse, Match Game

The Bachelor Canada, Citytv

A whirlwind of romances has brought Brad and the bachelorettes across the country and around the world, but now, Brad must face the most important decision of his life as the first-ever season of The Bachelor Canada comes to its shocking and tearful conclusion.

Avoiding Apocalypse, Discovery Science – “To The Last Drop”
More than ever, humanity is dependent on fossil fuels, with world consumption of petroleum, natural gas, and coal rising a little every year. Inevitably, reserves are going to give out, and humanity isn’t ready. But scientists are already working to find substitutes, such as power plants in space and on the ground, thermal energy from oceans, generators on giant kites, fuel from algae, fusion energy, underwater windmills, and wave generators.

Match Game, Comedy
It’s a match made in heaven with guest panellists Janeane Garofalo (Wet Hot American Summer), Robin Dunne (SANCTUARY), Steve Patterson (DAN FOR MAYOR), and Emma Hunter (THE L.A. COMPLEX).