New tonight: Marketplace, The Fifth Estate, 16×9, Match Game

Marketplace, CBC – “Burned”
Flame retardants are everywhere–but do they work? We put them to the test.

The Fifth Estate, CBC – “Hunting Magnotta”
Mark Kelley reveals the story of a secret group of online investigators who tracked accused killer Luka Magnotta for almost two years and warned police he was dangerous and had to be stopped.

16×9, Global
Correspondent Jill Krop profiles Brian Day, a BC doctor and longtime crusader for more private healthcare in Canada. Day operates two private clinics in Vancouver in defiance of provincial and federal law, one of which was recently audited and found to be illegally billing patients with extra charges. Also, Correspondent Sean Mallen chronicles the Canadian connection behind the quest to determine whether bones found underneath a Leicester, England parking lot are actually those of King Richard III.

Match Game, Comedy
Join guest stars Tom Green (THE TOM GREEN SHOW), Robin Dunne (SANCTUARY), Mark Little (MR.D), and Amanda Tapping (SANCTUARY), and say one big blank to November.