Farewell to Flashpoint

From John Doyle of the Globe and Mail

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From Tony Wong of the Toronto Star:

  • Flashpoint finale: Out with a bang
    The unabashed genius of Flashpoint was in proving that Canadians could outdo the Americans in making purely pyrotechnic television. There were enough explosions and quick edits combined with a hardcore soundtrack to seem — perhaps disconcertingly for some — a little more Michael Bay than any Canadian show had a right to be. The Littlest Hobo it was not. Read more.

From Brad Oswald of the Winnipeg Free Press:

  • An explosive, fitting end for Flashpoint
    With a bang. Actually, an earth-shaking series of them. Definitely not a whimper. That’s how the producers of the groundbreaking CTV drama Flashpoint have decided to bring the series to an end, with a two-part finale that is as big and loud and dangerous and suspenseful as anything they’ve attempted in the show’s five-season run. Read more.

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  1. Why did Flashpoint come to an end? Did the producers and writers run out imagination? Were the actors tired of the series and lost the excitement of the show. It had to be the best series on TV ever. It was full of action, it was local, we could relate to the city and the probable real life things that go on in Toronto, the GTA that the public never hears about, I think the actors were the best in the industry including one Guest star Ron Lea as Danny as disturbed medical patient, I know Ron very well and felt proud to see him amongst top actors. I’m sorry to see the series end.my wife and daughter volunteer at T.E.A.D( The Equestrian Association for Disabled) we would hurry home to watch flashpoint, being a firefighter years ago Part time for 5 years, I witnessed a small portion of what the actors portrayed as real life situations. They are the Best!! I would love the opportunity to meet & thank them personally, they kept me with something more than life to look forward to in 2011 when I was diagnosed a short time to live due to an illness, Today I’m here I’m back, I’m alive.& grateful to all the Flashpoint team.my beautiful wife,,my children. And kudos to Dr. Puglia for keeping me alive after my illness. Greg,Ed, you guys remind me of me, Sam. You are a dude, I wish. I was you,lol and my girls wife included think you are “hot”. Jewels Well there is no thinking you are hot, you are hot lol. Spike, thanks for keeping Toronto safe with your techy skills. The rest of you. Wow do you ever run and drive fast lol
    Thank you all actors,the producers, everyone involved for a great series and being a big part of our lives. You will be sadley missed. Ken

  2. This is the “Best Television I Have Seen Ssince the !970″s.” To me it is the new “Mash” It is that great. :And I am not an elder, nor a criminal (whatever that means.). What I like best about the show was its “Educational Value” AND “its compassion.” They were always saving someone while also saving the so called perpetrators. The show was the most emphathetic view of all sides of a situation that I believe has ever been portrayed on a Television series The most compelling show I have ever seen to stop violence because it ultimately showed empathy for the wrong doers and their psychological issues. Potential persons giving into crime can see there are people out there who can “see” and “understand” their PAIN.. Watching this show can prevent them from taking that road because they can see someone gets it/understans it. I believe it is the best “Crime Prevention” that I again, have ever seen. It should also be mandatoey viewing for every police officer in Canada, if not elsewhere, but I am a Canadian, so I am speaking my personal sentiments as same. I am trying to give my gratitude to the producers but as yet can find no contact tinformation.

  3. I just heard that Flashpoint is ending and I am sadden by that. My Dtr & I were in Toronto in 2008 as she had to go for a double lung surgery. The surgery went well and has since past away, not due to her lungs. We started to watch Flashpoint when we arrived and have been watching it ever since, even reruns, we were there for 8 months & I have been able to see places that we visited while we were there & brings me back to those special times. I feel that I know the actors and will miss them and the show. The love & interaction between them is so great & one can tell that they have so much compassion.. I do wish them all the very best but I am going to miss them. God bless you all in your new endeavors..

  4. I am really very sorry that the series Flashpoint is over. Intelligent, thorough- it was one of the best on tv. It appeared the comradery shared by “Team One” likely was a result of genuine affection of the actors. You just can’t fake that! So goodbye Gred, Ed, Jules, Sam, Spike(-on whom I have had a secret crush)and Wordy. I have enjoyed your company on occasion and wish you much residuals from many re-runs!!!!-Chris

  5. I would just like to reiterate everything others have already said. I think it is a shame to cancel such a magnificent CANADIAN! program as Flashpoint so soon when other similar shows run for so much longer. I am hoping to see Flashpoint come back soon!

  6. This was one on the best police dramas on television. Whoever decided to pull the plug on it was an idiot. Normally Canadian shows don’t seem to fair as well as their US counterparts but when it comes to this show, I hope the producers and writers are kicking themselves in the behind now. Too bad such a great so only lasted a few seasons…………

    1. I am greatly saddend for taking this amazing show off the air. Im not a candian, what I loved the moat about this show was the fact it was more based on psychology level. It wasnt all gory, mosy episodes had a happy ending, I loved the how thier personal lives plaued a huge role. Its diffrent from all the others ie..Law & Order, CSI, NCIS etc… PLEASE BRING IT BACK

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