Wednesday: Holiday Festival on Ice


Holiday Festival on Ice, CBC
A returning family favourite, this year’s program will feature performances by a star-studded cast and live music, including Kurt Browning, Elvis Stojko, Jeffrey Buttle, Joannie Rochette, Kimmie Meissner and more. International Opera sensation Measha Brueggergosman will perform hits from her latest release ‘I’ve Got a Crush on You’.


3 thoughts on “Wednesday: Holiday Festival on Ice”

  1. ugh…. this “singer” RUINED the Holiday Festival on Ice television special! First off, this was supposed to be a SKATING show, not the Measha Brueggergosman show. Second, she DESTROYED the Judy Collins song, “Both Sides Now.” This song is supposed to be soft and simple, not an opera song. I couldn’t even enjoy the skating because my nerves were constantly being dragged across the proverbial chalkboard with the singing. Horrible.

  2. Right On! I really love watching SKATING, and especially this cast of skaters, as do many of my friends who tuned in for the show. They also were discusted! WHAT SKATING SHOW? Most of the time the camera was on Measha, so I turned it off! Was this in her contract? This is not the way to keep CBC viewers!!!!

  3. I was captured by the show and watched it BECAUSE of Measha Brueggergosman. I love the song Both Sides Now and really appreciated her version. I spent about an hour the next day trying to find it on YouTube to listen to it again. Beautiful!

    On Christmas day – show goodwill or shut it!

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