Thursday: Flashpoint series finale, Magic Hockey Skates, The Liquidator

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Flashpoint, CTV – “Keep The Peace Part 2”
In the highly anticipated series finale, it’s all hands on deck as Team One joins forces with firefighters, paramedics, and the military to contain a threat that’s gone amiss. As Jules (Amy Jo Johnson) and Parker (Enrico Colantoni) learn the true dark origins of the bomber, they realize this is not a man that can be talked down. In the Team’s final showdown, tragedy and triumph collide as peace is kept at a painful cost.

The Magic Hockey Skates, CBC
The Magic Hockey Skates is a brand new 30-minute animated special based on an original book by Allen Morgan and illustrated by Michael Marchenko. The story follows a young aspiring hockey player, Joey, who is determined to prove he can compete with the big kids – all he needs are some new skates. Joey is disappointed when his father makes him settle for a pair second-hand blades, but the salesmen assures him he won’t be disappointed. Joey is skeptical at first, but all that changes when he hits the ice. Guest voices include CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada’s Don Cherry and Bob Cole.

The Liquidator, OLN – “Man in the Middle”
When a client calls with a batch of tuxedos to sell, Jeff Schwarz knows exactly who to contact. With his rolodex spinning, the expert middleman brings together a series of buyers and sellers, skimming off a bit of cream each time.