Wednesday: Bomb Girls, Life Story Project


Bomb Girls, Global – Season premiere
It’s 1942, and with the Axis taking every battle, there’s a real chance the bad guys could win. After meeting Kai, a Chinese-American who has witnessed the horrors of the war in Hong Kong, Gladys is determined to help Canadian POW’s – organizing a fundraiser that her parents aim to usurp as a PR opportunity. Lorna continues to deal with the fallout from her pregnancy, especially when both Bob and Marco learn the truth. Betty finds a vanished friend – but may end up wishing she hadn’t.

Life Story Project, OWN Network – “Falling in Love & Broken Hearts”
Filmed in public areas and on display, Dale and Andrea invite passersby to sit on their purple couch in the middle of a park or a busy street corner, and encourage them to share candid and deeply personal life stories on topics from love and regret; loyalty and betrayal; and examine the significance behind key events in their lives.

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