Thursday: Nature of Things, Doc Zone, Liquidator, Undercover Boss Canada


The Nature of Things, CBC – “Zapped: the Buzz About Mosquitoes”
The story of our ongoing struggle to conquer a blood-suckering little insect that is both delicate and deadly.

Doc Zone, CBC – “Serving the Royals”
Round the clock they toil, often thanklessly, to keep the monarchy humming. Stories of what the royal servants do and see behind palace doors.

The Liquidator, OLN – “A Hand Up”
Jeff shows his softer side when long-time “frenemy” José faces the loss of his business.

Undercover Boss Canada, W Network – “Wild Wing”
Wild Wing, one of the fastest expanding family restaurant franchises in Ontario, takes Founder and CEO Rick Smiciklas and puts him to work on the frontlines of his own restaurants and what he learns from staff leads to finger pointing and an explosive confrontation.