Friday: Marketplace, The Fifth Estate, Transporter


Marketplace, CBC – “Busting the Banks”
Marketplace reveals sneaky bank fees.

The Fifth Estate, CBC – “Death In Paradise”
A distraught family searches for the truth behind the mystery of what happened to two sisters from Quebec on the vacation of a lifetime in Thailand and other tourists who’ve met with sudden and unexplained death.

Transporter: The Series, HBO Canada – “Dead Drop”

On a mission in Philadelphia, Frank finds out his package is Jack Perkins, his old C.I.A. instructor. The blind man is trying to prove his innocence, while an agency mole is attempting to frame him for leaking confidential information and getting fellow agents unmasked. To save his and his client’s lives, Frank has only one solution: find a USB key containing evidence that can clear Jack’s name and reveal the real mole’s identity.