Thursday: Doc Zone, The Liquidator, Undercover Boss Canada


Doc Zone, CBC – “Generation Jobless”
Today’s university grads are mired in debt and underemployed. Are they becoming a lost generation?

The Liquidator – “You Get What You Pay For”
When some tempting deals cross his path, Jeff takes the plunge. But the deal leaves Jeff wondering if his blue collar background will help or hinder him as he tries to peddle fine art, antique musical instruments, and brand-name fashion.

Undercover Boss Canada, W Network – “Clark Builders”
Clark Builders, which started out in 1974 with just a dozen employees and have grown to nearly thousand-strong workforce follows Andy Clark, executive chairman and company founder, as he puts on a tool belt for the first time in 30 years to work undercover and ends up making a surprising difference in the lives of his builders