Friday: Transporter, Marketplace, Fifth Estate


Transporter: The Series, HBO Canada – “Hot Ice”
In Toronto, Frank is asked to pick up a package containing a data stick holding sensitive content implicating a senior industrialist in the African blood diamond trade from a high-security bank vault and bring it to a specific address. Immediately upon leaving the hall he is attacked by a hit squad posing as security guards and finds himself locked inside the building. To make matters worse, an attractive woman security officer (Katheryn Winnick) falsely accuses him of being responsible for the death of her colleague, who was caught in the firefight and in order to prevent Frank’s escape, she handcuffs him to herself – difficult conditions when you have a hit squad on your tail…

Marketplace, CBC – “Back on the Case”
Inside a water filtration company we busted once before–how it’s still using dirty tricks. Plus, our hospital cleaning test IS BACK.

The Fifth Estate, CBC – “Target bin Laden”
The true story of how the CIA tracked the world’s most wanted terrorist.