Wednesday: Bomb Girls, Mr. D, Ron James, Arctic Air


Bomb Girls, Global – “Where There’s Smoke”
When Gladys discovers who has been paying her hotel bills, she decides to make some bold choices. Meanwhile, Lorna finally admits that her son’s bravado might have darker roots; Betty meets a soldier named Teresa – who offers her new possibilities; and Marco sources the cavalcade fireworks from Frank, a former childhood friend, who hints he could also help Marco in other ways.

Mr. D, CBC – “The Crush”
Gerry develops a crush on the mother of one of his most
annoying students. Leung gives driving lessons to Simon. Trudy and Robert take over the morning announcements and they become incomprehensible.

Ron James Show, CBC – “Power”
Ron gets fired up about ‘Power and Energy’. When the Chinese government tries to make up for a multitude of sins with cuddly two-toned bears, the result is Panda-monium. With special guests Colin Mochrie & Ennis Esmer.

Arctic Air, CBC – “Old Wounds”
Bobby backs Jim McAllister in a tough-guy boxing tournament as part of a last-ditch bid to save his diamond claim; and Arctic Air falls into crisis when Blake’s friend joins the crew.