Thursday: Nature of Things, Doc Zone, Liquidator, Undercover Boss Canada

NatureofThingsThe Nature of Things, CBC – “Fruit Hunters (Part 1)”

A journey through the exotic, endlessly fascinating world of fruit – a story of nature, commerce and obsession.

Doc Zone, CBC – “The Boomer Revolution”
They turned on, tuned in and dropped out. Now Baby Boomers are revolutionizing what it means to get old.

The Liquidator, OLN – Season 2 Finale “Man Toys”
In the Season 2 finale, Jeff makes a huge gamble when he attempts to sell a slew of used go-karts. He promises the former owner a cash return, but discovers the second-hand wheels are a tough sell.

Undercover Boss Canada, W Network – “Lush”
Canada’s own cosmetic deli and ethical beauty retailer, LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, sends Brandi Halls, Director of Brand Communications, to their frontline to work in disguise in their factories and retail locations.