Friday: Marketplace, Fifth Estate, Transporter, Degrassi


Marketplace, CBC – “Who’s Watching the Kids?”
Marketplace investigates illegal daycares.

The Fifth Estate, CBC – “The Unrepentant”
Linden MacIntyre stares down some of Canada’s most frightening criminals. They are dangerous, disordered personalities whose lack of guilt and shame makes them both fascinating and horrifying.

Transporter: The Series, HBO Canada – “City of Fire”
Frank is hired to bring a package from the south of France to Paris, which alerts the dogs at a vehicle checkpoint. After being chased by the police and reaching the agreed transfer point, he realizes the package he’s delivered is a bomb meant for a planned terrorist attack on the French capital. Frank must rush to find and stop Gassam (RJ Parrish), the gang leader who’ll stop at nothing to avenge his brother, accidentally killed during an identity check. After an electric first encounter, Frank can count on Mauga (Athena Karkanis), Gassam’s sister, who wants to stop her brother from committing the irreparable while Carla uses her old connections with the French secret service to protect him. The hunt for the bomb begins.

Degrassi, MuchMusic – “Bitter Sweet Symphony Part Two”
To help viewers process the impact of the episode, MuchMusic has commissioned the new half-hour special, MUCHTALKS: DEGRASSI, to air immediately following Part Two at 9:30 p.m. ET. Featuring members of the DEGRASSI cast and a panel of experts, the MUCHTALKS special offers a platform for viewers engage in a discussion about the events that transpire in the episodes. Viewers at home can get involved in the conversation at, and follow the #MuchTalks live chat @MuchMusic on Twitter.