Production begins on Canadian Pickers season 4

From a media release:

Production Commences on Season 4 of HISTORY®’s CANADIAN PICKERS

  • The Pickers travel outside of Canada for the first time on the show in search of the perfect find
  • People interested in applying to be on the show can email

One person’s junk is one Picker’s treasure! Cineflix’s hit series CANADIAN PICKERS is back on the road as production begins on its fourth season. Hosts Scott Cozens and Sheldon Smithens are dusting off their cowboy hats and are back touring the country in search of vintage collectibles and antiques, buying and selling pieces of Canadian history. Cineflix is producing 13 one-hour episodes in association with HISTORY.

This season, the Pickers are set to travel from coast to coast, making stops in Vancouver Island, Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie, Whistler and more Canadian treasure troves. And marking a CANADIAN PICKERS first, the Pickers head across the pond, taking their passion for finding great antiques and collectibles to the UK, this Summer. The Pickers are looking for collecting aficionados with interesting stories, and even more interesting junk! Individuals who are interested on being on the show can apply by emailing

The Pickers are also hosting a live auction on March 17 for Season 4. Scott and Sheldon are auctioning off pieces from their personal collections, which they have been accumulating for the past 40 years. The auction, which is being held at Hall’s in Calgary, is open to the public. Bids can be made in person, by phone, absentee bidding, and real time internet bidding. For more details visit

CANADIAN PICKERS is a Cineflix (Canpick 4) Inc. production, in association with Shaw Media and Astral Media. Executive Producers are Simon Lloyd and Mark Poertner.

For more information on CANADIAN PICKERS visit


4 thoughts on “Production begins on Canadian Pickers season 4”

  1. Canada has her own history and treasures….. There is no need to go “out of the country”.
    We’d like to see how the world lived, ” when I was a kid” I know about a lot of it first hand, Do you?

  2. Probably have to leave Canada as most of their shows have Native Indian junk in it…it gets old after awhile,how many buckskins,snowshoes can one look at..

  3. you may as well leave Canada cock er i mean roc. the kind of crap you would like to see ,no one else would .the boys pick up a decent cross section . they dont pick up the perfume bottles ,you like !

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