Friday: Marketplace, Fifth Estate, Transporter

marketplace1.jpgMarketplace, CBC – “Mike Holmes: Home Ripoffs”

Mike Holmes on rip-off renovators, shoddy roofers, and incompetent inspectors.

The Fifth Estate, CBC – “The Vanishing”
A daughter’s twelve-year quest to solve her mother’s mysterious disappearance uncovers the dark secrets of a close-knit family.

Transporter: The Series, HBO Canada – “Switch”
Frank is to pick up a valuable painting from a gallery and bring it to a rich psychopath art collector. There is a wild chase during the transfer and a young woman threatens him with a gun and claims that the painting is hers. Fortunately, at this moment the police appears and Frank seizes the opportunity to wriggle out of the situation. But when he delivers the painting to art collector Max Khyber (Hannes Jaenicke), it turns out that it is a fake. Khyber feels betrayed and suspects Frank of stealing the original. He holds Frank prisoner on his property and sends in a dominatrix, Lara, to get him to talk, but Frank manages to free himself and goes in search of the original with the young woman who claims ownership.