Sunday: Lost Girl, Motive, Vikings, Heartland, Screen Awards


Lost Girl, Showcase – “There’s Bo Place Like Home”
Bo faces the daunting task of having to return to where it all started: down home on the farm. Accompanied by BFF Kenzi, Bo must face her old demons – and a new one – in order to clear the way for the path she will soon be forced to travel.

Motive, CTV – “Against All Odds”
A high-priced lawyer is discovered murdered in his home, the apparent victim of a burglary gone awry. A million dollar life insurance policy payout gives the victim’s wife motive, but Flynn (Kristin Lehman) is not biting. While she works the case, her son Manny (Cameron Bright) is arrested for vandalism, forcing her to apply some tough love on the home front.

Vikings, History – series premiere
While Vikings is filled with conflict, warfare and bloodshed – for these were extreme times – it is a family saga at heart. It follows the adventures of Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel, The Beast), a curious, compelling man who is always looking to break through barriers and discover new worlds to conquer. A young farmer and family man, Ragnar is deeply frustrated by the unadventurous policies of his local chieftain, Earl Haraldson (Gabriel Byrne, In Treatment). Vikings charts Ragnar’s ambitions to discover civilizations across the great ocean to the west, as well as his inevitable conflicts along the way. With the help of his jester friend Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard, The Way Back), they build a new generation of boats – faster, sleeker and more beautifully crafted than anything else on the sea.

Heartland , CBC – “After All We’ve Been Through”
To clear his own name, Ty searches for damning evidence to prove Jeremy was behind Buckingham’s death.

Canadian Screen Awards, CBC
The Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television (ACCT) unites its film, television and digital media awards into one gala event with the Canadian Screen Awards. Hosting the inaugural live gala is Canada’s king of comedy, Martin Short. The Academy’s new awards are a true showcase of our country’s finest talent in all screen industries in this star-studded celebration.


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