Thursday: Museum Secrets, Motive

MuseumMuseum Secrets, History – Season premiere “State Historical Museum, Moscow”

Moscow’s State Historical Museum tells the story of Russia and her people from the Stone Age to the fall of the Berlin Wall. In this episode: find out how to win a duel (and how to lose one); examine the bones of stone-age children to discover what killed them; ride with Polish soldiers to find out why they wore angels’ wings; descend into the torture chamber of Ivan the Terrible; examine the brass eagle of Napoleon’s Third Regiment to find out if they died bravely or with dishonor; and investigate why Vladimir Lenin drove a Rolls Royce.

Motive, CTV – “Detour” (new timeslot)
Detectives Flynn (Kristin Lehman) and Vega (Louis Ferreira) investigate the death of a mortgage broker who was found strangled in his office parking lot. Their initial examination of evidence leads them to a disgruntled ex-wife as well as a petty thief, but neither lead pans out. A composite police sketch and a stubborn refusal to follow orders leads Flynn to a man whose desire to make amends with his family, coupled with a lapse in sobriety, has led to tragic results. Guest stars include Aidan Devine (A History of Violence), Tammy Gillis (LESS THAN KIND), and Gemini Award-winner David Julian Hirsh (WEEDS).