TV, eh? podcast episode 129 – “Wonktacular”


Special guest Kelly Lynne Ashton – wonk extraordinaire – joins us for this special episode of the TV, eh? podcast. Special because we pick her brain on all things CanCon related and get answers to our burning questions on what exactly makes a show Canadian – The Borgias anyone? – how many teeth the CRTC has and many other things that raise Diane and Anthony’s collective blood pressure.

Also special because after that interview the rest of the podcast didn’t record,so we (mostly Anthony) power through the news of the week. Again. News such as Orphan Black’s ratings, The Borgias’ return, Motive’s web series, Sanctuary’s syndication, Cracked’s sales, and Syfy’s Continuum season 2 pickup. Also Diane made a passionate rant about something that is lost to the technical gremlins but we promise to try again next week.

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5 thoughts on “TV, eh? podcast episode 129 – “Wonktacular””

  1. Excellent podcast this week guys. I’m so happy you were able to clarify some of the crazy cancon questions I had I just wish you had more of it. Bring her back soon! Also you guys should really watch cracked. I know that it seems like the premiss is trying to take advantage of mental illness as a gimmick ( beacause i was very concerned going into it too, i was getting ready to bash this show hard), but speaking as someone who has a disabled father and a brother with bipolar disorder ( and volunteer with people with mental and developmental disabilities on a regular basis), I can tell you that it is not insulting at all. Rather it is quite genuine and handled with great care and respect and they don’t go overboard. You can tell they really do their research. Beyond that, cracked has some of the best acting on a tv show I have seen in a really long time. Not just the main cast but the guest actors they bring in each week are giving their best ever performances.These types of shows are usually a dime a dozen but this one is well worth watching and a lot better than motive. To put it into perspective, cracked is doing pretty much the same thing flashpoint did in episodes with mental illness ( which was pretty much every other episode) only they are doing it with better acting and no submachine guns. The only thing I don’t like about it are the two characters that support the two main characters, not that compelling. So watch it from episode 1 and let us know what you think. Because if you like flashpoint there is no reason why you won’t like cracked.

  2. Thanks, I’m glad we weren’t the only ones geeking out over this stuff :) I’ve seen enough of Cracked to know it’s not for me (and neither of us are Flashpoint fans, though I admire that show far more).

  3. The podcast this week was very insightful. Having previously worked in an animation and vfx company in Canada (the same studio that produced The Tudors), I now understand what goes into paying for a production like that.

    I applaud Canadian TV that stays away from the same old formula in storytelling.

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