A Bomb Girls post-mortem


From Bill Brioux of TV Feeds My Family:

Bombs away as Global calls halt to war effort
A closer look at the ratings, however, indicates Global had reason to believe that the second-year series was already trending down. Moved to Mondays this season, it drew an overnight, estimated 605,000 viewers April 15, finishing fourth in its timeslot behind The Following on CTV (1,339,000), Murdoch Mysteries on CBC (1,099,000) and 2 Broke Girls on City (1,036,000). The series also finished fourth in the A25-54 demo, closer to Murdoch but well behind timeslot front runner 2 Broke Girls. Having their Canadian drama beat our Canadian drama probably didn’t help. With so few original scripted Canadian series on Canadian television, its a shame they had to be head-to-head. What hurt Bomb Girls more was not being able to hold a hefty lead-in audience. The same night, hammocked between Bones (1,541,000) and Hawaii Five-0 (1,252,000), Bomb Girls simply shed too many viewers. Continue reading.


5 thoughts on “A Bomb Girls post-mortem”

  1. I’d add to Bill’s commentary that Bomb Girls aired on Wednesdays when it first returned for season 2, then had a 6 week hiatus before returning on Mondays March 25. I haven’t seen ratings consistently reported for season two but that gap and timeslot change very likely contributed to the declining ratings.

  2. It frustrates me to see such a good show get cut off…I rarely watch Canadian TV…and let alone my friends (they’ve never watched anything CBC) but Bomb Girls delivers so well. It might not be my prioritized show since high budget tv shows appeal more but this one had Canadian heart to it. It made me so proud of Canada, and so happy to know that some of my friends watched it. It definitely changed something among people, atleast the younger ones I know. I hate the fact that now all that’s left in production around the GTA are cop dramas…Seriously…why are we so lame when it comes to creating non-scifi dramas.

  3. Bones, Bomb Girls, Hawaii 5-0? Does anyone else think it’s weird to put a period drama about women in between two contemporary procedurals?

  4. Scheduling was downright poor especially if your show skews older women the way both Bomb Girls and Murdoch tend to. Why make them compete? Especially when, as a network, you’ve actually coughed up money to produce the show rather than just pay the license fee on an import? Wouldn’t you want to do everything you can to support it? Doesn’t make sense to me.

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