Bomb Girls producers & actors react to cancellation

From Amber Dowling of TV Guide Canada:

Producers, actors, Global respond to ‘Bomb Girls’ cancellation
“We are very proud of the remarkable work done on this series by our writers, cast and crew,” the statement reads. “Together we told stories that were proudly Canadian, that illuminated fascinating aspects of our history and celebrated the astonishing women and men who fought so hard for our freedom.” Read more.


3 thoughts on “Bomb Girls producers & actors react to cancellation”

  1. My first impulse when I read this article was to express my disappointment. However, the fact of the matter is that all this season’s Bomb Girls episodes are sitting on my DVR and I haven’t watched them yet. It’s just one of those shows that I like but not enough to watch before I watch other shows.

    1. That’s me too Ally – I don’t think it deserved cancellation given ratings drop not helped by scheduling, but I haven’t watched this season yet. I will …

    2. Guilty here, too! Though I’ve watched most of them. I think my PVR’s only got 3 on it? Still, I enjoy it!

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